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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Children's Chorus PRACTICE for APRIL 7 with Cantor G

Hello All!

We are heading through the final stages of the show.

Our last rehearsal together will be next Sunday, April 7 @ 10:30am-12PM! The same day you will be coming in the afternoon to rehearse and meet the Adult Cast and we will be staging you! After that, all the rehearsals will be with the Adult Cast.

Here are all the links to all the parts you will be singing. PLEASE PRACTICE THEM ALL!


1-"Any Dream will do"

2-"Joseph's Coat (min. 8:45 starts)"  

Although they start on min 10:20 

(Kids sing "such a dazzling coat of many colors, how he loved his coat of many colors") 

3-4 graders continue with "ahs" and "ba-ba-bas"

Then everyone again on min. 11:00

(Kids sing "and when Joseph graced the scene his brothers turned a shade of green. His astounding clothing took the biscuit")

3-4 graders continue with "ahs" until colors start


3-"Close every door (min 2)"

We learned singing the full lyrics + the "la-la-las",

Close every door to me,
Keep those I love from me
Children of Israel
Are never alone
For I know I shall find
My own peace of mind
For I have been promised
A land of my own 


If the kids know those parts we will rehearse how we would use them in our actual show.

4-"Go Go Joseph" (which is the end of a longer song, but the kids come up at this point with everyone else, practice the melody and words)

To learn the dancing of "Go go Joseph" click here
(Kadie will go through the dance with the children anyway, but let's get them used to and familiar with it).


1-A Pharaoh Story (the children are singing: "A Pharaoh Story, A Pharaoh Story...." on min 0:55) and then "Could be famous, could be a big success...." on min 1:52 and then maybe at the end.

2-Joseph All the time (min 1:06:00) children will sing the "La-la-lahs" and "Joseph, Joseph, It is really you...." until min 1:07:00 (the end of that song)

3-Jacob in Egypt (the whole song from min 1:07:00 until 1:08:00)

4-Any Dream will do (min. 1:08:55 with the echoes on "I wore my coat...") until 1:10:00. Then from 1:11:08 ("Give me my color coat...") until the end.

I hope you all have fun rehearsing and practicing all these!!! It is crucial that the children know these parts I marked very well and by heart. Once they start coming to the Adult CAST rehearsals they will be staged and will be rehearsing and singing on all those numbers and those parts.

See you next Sunday April 7 @ 10:30 am (look for the signs as we might have to rehearse in a different room)

Happy Passover and Easter!

Cantor G

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


If you are in the Children's Chorus it would be great if you could practice these 2 songs! 

Our first rehearsal will be on March 3 from 10:30-12pm

You can find the lyrics by clicking here:

1-Any Dream Will Do (around min. 4:20)

2-Jacob & Sons - Joseph's Coat (around min. 7:00)

Have a great break! Happy Purim in advance!

Cantor G

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Food and snacks

Just want to remind everyone and let those who don't belong to Temple Aliyah know that all food brought into the Temple must adhere to kosher dietary guidelines . Basically you are fine if you eat vegetarian type foods such as salads, fruits, yogurts etc. if you have any questions please feel free to ask. Thank you so much.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Joseph@TA - 1st Rehearsal!

Our first rehearsal took place tonight and we had an amazing talented cast! We went over the "Jacob&Sons" song, we danced "Go Go Joseph," we sat down and read through the whole show and the featured dancers took their role very seriously: Our rehearsal ended with the girls dancing for us what they learned in 20 min, Amazing!

Homework: learn ALL the colors of Joseph's coat...try!

Next rehearsal: Sunday, Feb. 24 at 3-5:30pm ( yes! Is Purim ao come in costume if you wish).